This page provides answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed here feel free to submit your question to the list.



• I'm a model that does lingerie modeling, fetish modeling and artistic modeling. Can you add my contact info to your listing? Yes. However, understand that has a sensual, erotic theme. So your service of doing fetish and lingerie work gets you listed her.

• We are a modeling agency with wide variety of models on our web site. Would you like to exchange banners or links? If all your models do lingerie modeling or fetish modeling then a banner exchange offer is possible. However, if a few of your models feel it's beneath them to do lingerie, fetish or nude modeling ... then NO.

• I only do artistic modeling, fashion modeling and I sing. Can you add my photo and contact info to your site? Thanks. Since you do not do lingerie modeling, fetish modeling or nude modeling ... You can not be added to this web site.

• I'm really a dancer, but I'm trying to pick up fetish photo bookings to make some extra money on the side. Can you add my photo & contact information to your site? Yes, just submit your photo and contact information.

• I submitted my contact information, but it wasn't added to your web site. Why? Here are a list of possible reasons why you was not added to the listing:
  - you do not do lingerie, fetish or nude modeling.
  - you did not submit a photo.
  - the photo you sent did not have the extension "jpg", "bmp" or "gif".